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Pitbull - Pitb.Tkn ᴺᶠᵀ


London-based Urban, Street Artist Pitbull presents his NFT works. A series of unique Mixed Media, Stencil, Graffiti, Street Art pieces. See website for more details about the Pitb.Tkn Project exclusive to Voice users. All art minted on this platform is exclusive. Pieces are never cross platform minted. All pieces are all 1/1 originals regardless of blockchain. Purchasing Pitbulls art ensures the buyer is the exclusive owner. Pitbull's art is created using anywhere between 3 and 25 plotter cut oil board stencils per piece of artwork. Each piece can take anywhere between 12 - 24 hours. Art is spray painted with fine detail hand finished with airbrush and or paintbrush. Depth enhancing illumination produced using Adobe AE.