In December of 2019, we sat down with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington D.C. to discuss our vision and plans for Voice: what it is, what we are trying to achieve, and how the tokens will work.

While we’re not in a position to publish the full presentation given at the meeting, we do want to stay true to our value of transparency while we walk this road to beta together and share with you some of the content we covered. In the following pages, you’ll get a glimpse into some of the features and functionalities we presented, with more to come on these in later blog posts.

After scrolling through the pages you might ask: “why divulge so much?” Put simply, we’re committed to consulting with key stakeholders – in this case regulators – from the start in an open and transparent manner. Addressing any questions they might have so that we may seek solutions together.

We left the meeting feeling confident. A confidence we hope they, and you, feel too.

That’s it for now. Talk soon.

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