Followed by a steady rollout to English speaking territories, then globally.

We are excited to share that the first stop on the Voice Beta tour is the United States, and not just because if you sing this post’s title to the tune of Bruce Springsteen’s classic Born in the USA it sounds rather catchy. 

It’s because we are on a mission to rebuild public trust in media and nowhere have we seen that trust fall further in recent years than in the USA. 

Another reason we’re starting our beta journey with the United States?

It’s about real time technical testing and iteration within one defined location. Which simply means that those using Voice for the first time can make and send suggestions, all while our team based in the United States can respond and carry out the tweaks needed to be made. Taking on feedback and actioning items in a defined, manageable, and efficient way.  

Real time and real place– a combination that will bring us closer to building out an enjoyable user experience on a platform designed for real people, and built on blockchain. Something we believe hasn’t been done before. 

As we optimize in the United States, we will continue a steady rollout to English speaking territories, then globally, collaborating with local regulators as we go and updating you with details on which territories as we go. Onboarding with time, an online community not limited by lines on a map, rather a global one where different experiences and cultures are welcomed. 

Because that’s what we’re here for, and what we’re building for.

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Important limitations, restrictions and considerations that may impact Voice, such as market factors and the regulatory environment, are described here.