“Accurate sources of information and authentic social discourse are now more important than ever. Therefore, I’m joining Voice’s mission.”

– Hernan Arber, Director of Mobile Engineering.

We are facing times of extreme uncertainty, with the headlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imminent economic recession feeding that uncertainty. Add to that the fear and misinformation being spread on social media, and you have the perfect recipe for a global depression. It is precisely in these times when true leadership is required not just in the medical and financial industries, but also at the frontlines of mainstream media and social networks.

We have a lot to appreciate in our modern society. Technology has made it possible for humanity to stay connected even in times of extreme isolation. Existing social and conference platforms have become our go-to medium to communicate with friends, family, co-workers, and the rest of the world. However, these platforms were designed to make use of our data as a business model, and ad-based revenue depends on the addictiveness of these social apps.

Little effort has been invested in verifying real humans and detecting imposters and bots. It’s become clear that the current platforms cannot properly scale their efforts for avoiding online scams, bullying and the spread of fear, racism and social divide. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need right now is another Stephanie Patter5 trying to talk me into sending money in Telegram or tens of Matt Ram0n’s requesting my friendship on Facebook out of nowhere.

I believe this is also a great time for evolution and growth. And opportunities to join good causes that you believe have the potential for positive change in the world are presenting themselves at an ever-increasing rate.

On February 14, Voice Beta was made available to a small beta-testing community. Salah published a great launch statement inviting truth seekers to join Voice to help our community begin rebuilding media platforms that have lost their way in this post-truth era.

Ever since I founded EOS Israel, I’ve been dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the EOSIO ecosystem in Israel and around the world. Now, it is time for me to step up, just like so many people are stepping up within their communities these days.

I strongly believe in the vision put forth by Voice, and the best way I can contribute to this mission of building a brand new social network that prioritizes authentic social conversations is by bringing my 10+ years of mobile engineering expertise to the table. And that is exactly what I am planning to do.

I am very excited to announce that I am joining the Voice team as Director of Mobile Engineering. I’ll be collaborating with the existing Voice team and leading the efforts to bring the Voice social platform to every mobile device possible.

I deeply appreciate this opportunity and want to publicly thank Salah for believing in me and bringing me onboard, and our Head of Engineering, Brian Aznar, for welcoming me to the team and mentoring me through every step of the way. I am looking forward to working with some of the people I admire the most within the blockchain space, like Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer.

I take the liberty to extend Salah’s invitation to you. If you have experience in development: Mobile (iOS and Android), Front End, Back End, DevOps, or Product Management, we might have a spot for you on the team. We are looking not only for experienced and professional engineers, but also for self-authorized thinkers and open-minded leaders that understand the importance of our mission and want to take part in building the new generation of social networking.

Check out our LinkedIn page for more openings at Voice and let us know if you feel motivated to join our team.