Frida Kahlo Viva la Vida TikTok Timeless


About the piece

On July 6th 1954, Frida Kahlo celebrated her 47th birthday and painted her last artwork Viva la Vida, her tribute to life. Indeed despite her deteriorated health, the artist has proven resilience and strength. Kahlo, mostly known for her self portraits, applied the same approach to still life. She wrote ”I dip the brush in blood-red paint and, embracing life with all its light, I print on a watermelon cut open--like I am—¡Viva la vida!—a hymn to nature and life.” Watermelons are often left as offerings to honor the spirits of ancestors during the Mexican Day of the Dead ceremony. This choice of fruits with her name, place of birth and death on the painting are particularly meaningful. The music is the song Corazon by Pedro Infante popular in 1953 and a beating heart.

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