NFT III Infra Red 7b

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Carbon free NFT Infra Red 7b Minted Digital Active Time Painting as an NFT on the ETH or Ξ blockchain Bertie Fritsch United Kingdom Original Painting, Oil on Canvas Size: 51 W x 76 H x 3.5 D cm Minted as unique digital ART item as an NFT on the ETH or Ξ blockchain Reflective Spaces inspired from walks and views in the forest. The painting inspires a sense of inner peace and calm. Various experimental methods where employed in making the work using ink, oil and rubbing techniques. The work may be positioned between realism and impressionism and often includes characteristic elements from the artist’s background and memory with occasional playful abstraction exploring real and imagined space. The paintings essentially consist of familiar or imagined spaces with occasional objects; thematic characteristics or figurative interactions. The work explores subjective perspective, emptiness and often poetic or metaphysical properties of space directly through framing, light, reflection,

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