"Die Iconic 2" - Original Cover Art (Unreleased)

"Die Iconic 2" - Original Cover Art (Unreleased)


Owned by @svdp

About the piece

This image will be unlocked upon the death of Shan Vincent de Paul. The original cover art for the single “Die Iconic 2.” This version of the cover was unreleased due to concerns for SVDP and his family’s safety. To avoid any violent backlash from the addressed parties the image has been distorted. The unlocked version of the cover will only be sent to the holder of the NFT upon the death of SVDP. Part of a 6/6 series created in the Voice NFT Residency

  • Creator share of appreciation: 20%

    In future sales, the creator(s) will receive this share of any increased value of the NFT.

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  • Owner: @svdp

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December 2, 2021 2:50 PM

@svdp listed this NFT for auction for $100,000.00

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December 1, 2021 2:16 PM

@svdp minted this NFT