Ocean Oscillations NFT VII

About the piece

Environmental art has tried to make sense of this, to an extent, by celebrating nature and in encapsulating the imagination through its various strands as in: nature art; art in nature; site specific performance; crop art; social sculpture; land art; ecological art; earth art; earthworks; agit prop; green activism; slow food; bio-art; acoustic ecology; documentary projects and more in ‘a profusion of terms’ (Bower, S. 2010). My examination of the effects of the Great Pacific Garbage patch and starting point for the film work for instance was to highlight the harmful effect of human consumerism and industrialisation beneath the ocean waves and in the guts of animals. These causal affects causing biospheric traumas and hidden phenomena hopefully strike accord with the viewer directly or indirectly to re-evaluate our existence, well-being and social fabric.

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