Bending to the forces that be

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Handmade quilted windsock activated by the central New Mexican winds that dance through the fabric. Bending to the forces that be says, “Love is watching: A rocket launch into space. The exact moment it happens: 4:00 am for you, 6:00 am for him Like there is a cord from your left ventricle to his. He smiles, exactly 1,760 miles, between your heart and his, but the gap between won’t look so large to the satellite, maybe to it, the void will look like meters then inches. maybe, if it goes high enough it will look like a finger’s width. Something that can be broken by a shiver. Or the braveness of someone who touches the other. There it goes. 72 miles into the light. Love is attempts to know payloads and frequencies, so that you can say, “Yeah, I think I know about that.” Recovered by parachute, our satellite will tell us, things we felt but didn’t know. Like that love is more and more like space, Look how it comes and goes and comes again like the phases of the moon.”

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