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— From the series ‘Glitchographs’ -- "The small talk, maneuvering sentences, the lines and loops, randomized? everything is coming loose, melting, pixels running into each other, and then something stays. The vibrations themselves actually constitute the form. We are moving, responding, vibrating, feeling, and we simply cannot move from being to knowing. I see, all the time, others and myself running through old or theoretical conversations and I realize that since we keep going back, then I prefer to destroy. I did my best not to glitch too badly - yet the original representation must become distorted. Mainly because we always hate the sound of our own voice. I make it a series of dots and lines, looping disproportionally to the way the light falls. Yet we can dance with a rhythm that has yet to be set. Because the place where we exist, is is never in the present moment." -- glitch/ text: Zouhair El Helou

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