"Graffiti Stew" Charity collab for International Child Art Foundation

Owned by @charlieko

About the piece

1/3 of the proceeds and royalties of this NFT go to International Child Art Foundation charity. This animated Sharpie Drawing by James Lee (jams2blues) was inspired by synesthesia from brain damage. Sometimes James hears colors, and sees sounds. The Song, Graffiti Stew, was inspired by the popular Graffiti Artist Vinni Kiniki, it is what James Lee heard while looking at his website. @jasminemoon is an inspiration for James Lee and has been added as a collaborator for coining my nickname, "the maker of rainbows". Included as unlockable content: Once this NFT is collected you may download a much higher quality version of this music video, and a very large high quality photograph of the original sharpie drawing.

  • Creator share: 10%
  • File type: video/mp4
  • File size: 63.68 MB
  • Category: N/A
  • Owner: @charlieko

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