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Unlock more empathy by owning the Empathy Boost and the Empathy Access Card. Inspired by the Actually Curious™ Human Rights Edition, the question “What does ‘empathy’ mean to you?” is possibly the most important and all-encompassing question in the collection. The questions in this deck were developed by 40 thought leaders across human rights. Utility: If you own an Actually Curious Empathy Access Card, you will receive the Human Rights Edition deck with purchase of this NFT ($25 value). And that goes for future, first-time owners too!* The Empathy Boost also entitles first-time owners to the ability to schedule a :15 min consultation* with New York Times recognized empathy expert, Michael Tennant, founder of Curiosity Lab and Actually Curious. Proceeds from this and all the NFTs available through @actuallycurious go directly toward funding projects by BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ in collaboration with Curious Publishing. *Terms apply.

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