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Unlock more empathy by owning the Love Boost and the Empathy Access Card. We’re actually curious, what do you love most about yourself? This question from the Actually Curious™ Happy Hour Edition celebrates the things that bring us joy and happiness. This NFT is imbued with the intention that empathy for others grows when you have empathy for yourself. Utility: If you own an Actually Curious Empathy Access Card, you will receive the Happy Hour Edition deck with purchase of this NFT ($25 value). And that goes for future, first-time owners too!* Collect them all and get the full game collection. Love Boost also entitles first-time owners to the ability to schedule a :15 min consultation* with New York Times recognized empathy expert, Michael Tennant, founder of Curiosity Lab and Actually Curious. Proceeds from this and all the NFTs available through @actuallycurious go directly toward funding projects by BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ in collaboration with Curious Publishing. *Terms apply.

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