Empathy Access Card

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What if your NFT collection had an impact beyond material possessions? The Empathy Access card was created to spread empathy, curiosity & love while directly supporting the initiatives of BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ creatives. In collaboration with Actually Curious and Curious Publishing, the Empathy Access Card is an example of the immense potential for NFTs to fund meaningful change. Each edition provides: A ticket to win up to $2,000* - Advanced NFT drops from the creator studio - Advanced access to future Actually Curious product releases - Free access to all Actually Curious events in 2022 - One 1x Deck of the original Actually Curious - Founding member of our Discord Community - Access to exclusive giveaways and contests - Combine Access Card with future NFTs to unlock more benefits. Visit actuallycurious.com/empathynfts for more. *Terms apply.

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