Hold on to your hope | Linear glitch 1/23

Hold on to your hope | Linear glitch 1/23

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About the piece

This piece depicts a retro-inspired handheld gaming device with a game's cut scene on display. In this scene, the vampire Gemini tells you "it's okay to be afraid.... just don't let it steal your hope." This phrase encompasses something that I wish more people could understand when facing problems. The possible outcomes may be scary, but not all of them are. There's always a chance for something different — and the more we hold on to that hope, the better chance we have on creating good outcomes. It's all about your mindset. This version is 1 of 23. The screen has 23 6-pixel columns. This series will include a glitch on 1 of the columns for each NFT. The file is a scaled up .png at 2000x2500.

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