Voyage To The Americas (NFT series)

Voyage To The Americas (NFT series)


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Once upon a time, my paternal great grandmother set out for the market in a neighbouring village not too far from ours. She had an only son- my grandfather Osuka. Life was hard even in the 18th and 19th centuries, so she stubbornly set out despite warnings by well-meaning relatives that Slave raiders were on the prowl. Unfortunately, she never made it back home to her son and family. Where was Onukafor? Where on earth was she, her son must have wondered. He had no answers, no one in her village and community did. But now we know better; she had embarked on her forced voyage to the Americas perhaps- a journey of no return, for such was the fate and experience of hundreds of thousands of African Slaves, torn away from family and friends and shipped to the Americas and elsewhere. The Voyage To The Americas takes you on a boat ride across the Lagoon through a walk along the unpaved Slave trail, as you go, drink from the Attenuation Well and swim at The Point of No Return.

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