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Heard of ‘ATTENUATION WELL’? Perhaps not. On the unpaved Slave trail between the Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean still is the Attenuation Well. Legend has it that as Slaves walked the trail in a single file, shackled together with chains, the Well, which still bubbles forth water as you read this piece, was the last point or spot where they were allowed a sip or two of water before they were hoarded into Slave merchant Ships. At the Well, stories have it that once Slaves were administered its water, their minds and heads go blank. From that moment, they are unable to recall home, remember who they were or their history. Well, those were the stories we heard. But you can test the authenticity of the water stories I just told you by visiting the Attenuation Well, in your imagination, have a sip of its salty water, no, scoop up a glassful and have your fill of it and see how much you can remember afterwards.

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