"A Second Amendment"

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This collectible visual closes out a rare NFT collection of black and white photographs now available on Voice.com entitled "What if Kyle Rittenhouse Was A Black Kid?" by documentary film photographers Justin Hunte & Shawn M. Pridgen. The collection explores the contemporary black body as property of the state and how American superstructures are routinely given license to seek and destroy all forms of black militia ideology. The images highlighted in the, What if Kyle Rittenhouse Was A Black Kid? rare NFT collection, seek to confront the reality that most of society, particularly the youth, are more accepting of guns in virtual reality despite fully grasping the reality of the physical consequences inherent in gun violence. We will pledge 30% of proceeds from the What if Kyle Rittenhouse Was A Black Kid? NFT collection to the following charities – Youth Over Guns and The Gathering For Justice.

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