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About the piece

In order to join the exclusive Draw A Dot NFT community as a collector, you will have to purchase this token and receive the following benefits: - You can appoint one of the NFT artists from our community to create ONE personalized portrait for 1 person. The fee is already included in the token price. This can be used for your social media avatar. - You will be one of the first to know the latest drops from our members. You can even purchase those NFT before they are out to the public! - For people who are new to the NFT world, the artists and I will be sharing NFT information so that you can understand the nature of NFT. - Artists will be doing some exclusive free drops to the members in the Draw A Dot NFT community! - When permitted, artists from the Draw A Dot NFT community will be hosting virtual and physical events! We will continue to add more features to the community! For more information, please visit this link. https://drawadot.com/draw-a-dot-nft-community

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