An undeveloped heartwood

About the piece

Undeveloped sapwood, a grassy lake, and a stream that flows through the middle of the forest. The black hole at the top. The stars in the night. The galaxy itself is lost to history. How it came to this...The time has come to change things for the better. It's been centuries since it ever used to be such a great place. In fact, it never really was. The only thing in its place was a small, dark, shadowy area full of darkness. This darkened darkness was, of course, a sign. The name of the universe seemed so fitting for some inexplicable reason. As it did, though, that particular sign wasn't meant to be read. That same place once contained the last sign in the universe, a sign, which said, "Who did it, then?" In that place, the universe would always be shrouded by that same name. This was how people expected it to be. They remembered not the last sign of the universe, but the one sent by the world after it fell to earth.

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