Unzipping the Law of identity

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"Unzipping the Law of Identity," is originally an oil painting. The tree of life sits in the center. section The tree of knowledge reflects in the serpents mirror. The serpent offers marriage in one of the three Abrahamic religions. A skeleton solved a puzzle cube proving he has reason and intellect. Yet the skeleton stabs itself in the chest in order fill a wine glass. As if the skeleton is Christ giving it's blood as wine. A pixie whispers in the back of the skeleton's open skull, to redirect it towards life; the tree of life with the nude woman in the sand. There exists a sick woman consuming a bad apple. An American flag hangs behind a watch-stamp with a baby upon one side. Only so much time to see the American Way and create a child. A Black bowling ball is moving towards the main characters while the Beefeater guards attempt to hide away the beach woman by zipping back up the Identity of A=A and X=X . The painting and this NFT edition was created by Mike Fahl

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