"PAY IT NO MIND" - a portrait of Marsha P. Johnson

"PAY IT NO MIND" - a portrait of Marsha P. Johnson

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About the piece

"Pay it no mind" is what the P. stands for in Marsha P. Johnson - activist, self-identified drag queen, saint, sex worker, performer, survivor. It's what Marsha would say in response to questions about her gender. "Pay it no mind" is this beautiful invitation to instead of the initial set up of roadblocks of categorization and judgment, try human connection. It is also this practice, that everyone will adopt, who is othered so much that living life does not only becomes difficult but dangerous if they want to express themselves. It won't keep you safe, but allow you to be, and become more. This is what Marsha P. Johnson did: show up with strength in activism as much as love & kindness. Thank you, Marsha P. Johnson, for changing our lives, teaching us courage, love, compassion, for showing us how to make change, express our beauty, and try to keep our hearts open. *Digital Mixed Media Painting | Includes a High Res 8000*4504 px JPG file for a personal print.*

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