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From her "Womanhood" collection we are delighted to mint this beautiful photograph taken by Khalidah Carrington. Khalidah Carrington is a NY-based Photographer who recently won the Redefining Our Voices Grant Award by Redefining Our Womanhood. Carrington's vision for this shoot was to do a portrait series focusing on self-acceptance, self-preservation, and reclaiming body autonomy as a black woman. Our journey through black womanhood is a long and oftentimes challenging one. We lose ourselves protecting others and give so much of our time, and energy away, that we wind up not knowing how to take it back. This Collection of Portraits features artist and new Mama Jasmyne Hampden (and baby Genesis)who documents the journey of motherhood within her mixed-media portraits. Each collector will receive a signed 8.5x11 print. More on the grant: The Purpose of this grant is to provide black creatives of all gender identities the resources to birth a story within themselves.

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