Commissioned Drawing

About the piece

This limited edition 1/1 NFT includes a commissioned portrait drawing on toned paper (sizes: 18x24 in, 16x20 in, 11x14 in, or 8x10 in.) done in graphite, charcoal, or carbothello pencil. Contact artist at [email protected] to send photo reference. Buyer has option to include 1-2 portraits from buyer's provided photo (must adhere to copyright laws). Drawing will be monochromatic with buyer's choice of sepia background (as shown in the NFT) or a grey-toned background. Drawing is to be started after May 31, 2022, and will be completed within one month of this date if a photo reference is submitted to the artist by that date, or within one month of the artist's receipt of the buyer's photo reference–whichever applies (does not include shipping timeframe). Buyer has up to 1 year from purchase date to start commission. Shipping costs for the drawing are included in purchase. Drawing is unframed. Subsequent buyers of this NFT are not eligible for the commissioned drawing, only the NFT.

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