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Marouane, who goes by Lbahja, is a gnawa master. He is holding a gemberi instrument and is wearing a typical gnawa outfit. These outfits are vibrant, with each color representing the Moroccon people’s history through heritage, religion, and astrology. ***This NFT is 6/7 of MARRAKESH 2021—a photography NFT collection supporting its co-creators. In 2021, Morocco was in lockdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19, tourism was suspended around the world, and many people lost their jobs and livelihoods. Photographer Hassan Hajjaj shot his first-ever NFT collection to support his friends struggling throughout the pandemic. Most of the co-creators work in the popular tourist destination Jamaa El Fna square (meaning “internal gathering place”), which has been a community center for over 500 years. It’s the place where locals and tourists alike go to buy goods and see friends. It’s a magical place with sounds, smells, and an evolving atmosphere to match the hour. Come meet the people of Marrakesh

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