Lulani A - Blink


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A - class. Two different races live in the universe named Shikyū. One of them is the people of Dokukire, famous for their colorful skin and poison;the other is the Mahōkire people, famous for their magic. Every person has a different level of capabilities.It is quite easy to spot an S rank person among the Dokukire people. It will be enough to look at the brilliance of the colors. An S-class Dokukire has other properties besides having a very strong poison. Features such as camouflage,instant healing,being able to take shape,mind control are only known.In Mahokires,on the other hand,S class can be distinguished by the multitude of stones called Power stones to distinguish the upper class. They can make the ones they mark immortal for a certain period of time,teleport to any place they want,or create illusions of themselves, making it difficult to be targeted.These two races do not get along very well.Both sides see their own race as superior. Will this implacable war come to an end ?

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