The Forgotten

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About the piece

This has a story. I was raised an only child by my mom and grandparents. My father was not present in my life and it was always something that bothered me. I used to tell myself that you don't miss what you don't have - but for me, it really wasn't true. This piece was created about ten years ago when I was really sad and thinking about my father - he is a well known celebrity in another country and so I knew he looked well and I could listen to his music - that's all. I knew where my dad was, I knew I had three half-sisters and a brother....i could see them, but they didn't see me. It took me to my 53rd birthday to have all those walls melt away in a way that only God could do. I have been blessed over and over again with miracles in my life, and not small ones! I'm 56 now and share the most beautiful relationship with my new family. My father is an angel -- but time had to pass, it had to be this way. I may not understand it now... but maybe in the next life

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