Masquerade in Lagos

About the piece

This work is a unit of the project titled ''Altered reality and escapes'' which underscores the flawed physical state and emotional imbalance that exists in the society. It expresses the internal state of the contemporary society, with gaps that represent the perceived abnormalities that exist in them. The response to this is that myriads of individuals are trapped in self-delusion, seeking various ways to alter reality. The works in this project are metaphoric representations of altered reality, as a response to the dysfunctionality that exists in the larger society. It attempts to accentuate the ways in which escapes (spaces) are created in the mind, through which pseudo satisfaction or gratification is derived, as a consequence of the surrounding dysfunction. The visual representations of these created spaces are unreal and they exist in a manner of augmented reality, as the interaction and navigation between these new mind-found spaces are almost as true as reality.

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