Persephone Rises by Lucinda Lyons

Persephone Rises by Lucinda Lyons

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Limited Edition of 1/1 from oil painting on paper by Lucinda Lyons. The Greek myth of Persephone inspired me to paint my own reinterpretation of the tale of a woman ( semi self portrait) who allows herself to be enslaved by society. Exhibited at the Human Rights, Women Can Save The World Show with AIPI at the Fondazione Campani dei Caduit, Italy, 2020 Persephone feels trapped, lay out on a giant mobile phone screen, exhausted by looking at her own reflection and bored of it. Birds fly into the cave in which she's enslaved herself, to wake her up. On hearing the distant echoes of music from a land she thought had lost any hope of freedom, she lifts herself up to the beat of the drums and the walls of the cave crumble around her to dust. 4776 x 1842 pix 350dpi Private password & further details in unlockable content

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