All Connected

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About the piece

#AllConnected is a collaborative project created between March and April 2022 with the participation of 165 persons from all continents and age. It is a phygital artwork existing both as a limited edition print and limited edition NFT. "In a time of isolation and conflict, I felt like connecting with like minded people and create an uplifting artwork that brings people together. The first inspiration behind this project is the Cave of the Hands (Argentina). This cave painting is composed of hands printed by humans over hundred of years and I find this artwork very moving. It's a time capsule reminding us where humanity comes from. I am also moved by the fact that it demonstrates that art is a basic need of humans. Nowadays, we are connected digitally and I integrated this fact by asking by email or DM to choose a hashtag and a color. In my choice of composition I paid a tribute to the series of Ellsworth Kelly, Colors arranged by chance."

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