When you speak I listen-Quand tu me parle je t'ecoute

About the piece

MBF-Lifestyle loves to work with imges of people engaged in ritual protocol through the centuries. It is the same basis throughout just the props and the ledger format to record has changed, from Caves en France to leather-bound to digital solidity ERC 1155 to mass adoption tokenization. Voice residency collection of one Sacred sound design Hieiroglyphic When You speak I listen/Quand tu me parle Je t'ecoute Sacred Sound Design-When you speak-I listen asleep amongst sleeping stones under no man's sky. Patterns of sound symmetry found in all just as all is found in the symmetry of sound patterns Visual Talisman's use of sacred sounds for healing hieroglyphic design cutting through body meridians to heal, it all dates back to ancient civilizations worldwide. From chanting and mantra in Eastern cultures to the shamanic songs of Icaro in the Amazon Rain Forest, the effects of sound have been used to balance the mind, calm emotional disturbances,healin' even on the cellular level

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