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"Take me into your world, so I can hide, with you, so I don't have to see, the ones who lied..." VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN IS NO LONGER TOLERATED. 75 percent of the world's children experience violence. Violence takes many forms, including physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation, and neglect or deliberate deprivation. Growing up with violence, and the threat of violence, can lead to life-long physical, emotional and mental health problems. Children living in conflict or emergency situations, such as natural disasters or major pandemics are even more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and violence. Children living in conflict face the threat of being killed or maimed, falling victim to sexual violence, and being recruited as child soldiers. In many cases, children are specifically targeted. I believe that every child has a right to a safe childhood free of violence. Mixed media art. Combination of digital collage and hand drawing.

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