Candles in the dark message

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Candles in the dark message.....Shinin' a Light beam on the Cognitive dissidence that prevents people from actually comprehending info differently from the news data. However, when a hint of it does show up i n the mainstream it is a portal to introduce the true media since they are more in a frame of mind to read "source documentation" and then actually "Get it". in the Hallowed Halls While multi-chain Solana Phantom Metamask Ethereum Merger in radiate harmony to shine. Broadcast and social media are to isolate us and make us look like outcasts if we do not toe the line with the ATV family/Saltwire community. The goal is to make you feel like you are alone so that you eventually "concede" and give in to the herd mentality. Instead of simply allowing ourselves to agree to disagree; and shine like Candles in the dark message

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