“Law of Attraction”- What is like unto itself is drawn

“Law of Attraction”- What is like unto itself is drawn


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The law of attraction is often used for manifestation, and it states that like attracts like, you are a magnet, and you get what you focus on. You attract people, ideas, and resources that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts. The energy you project is what you will attract. UTILITY: Includes a studio visit and a silkscreen print of the Law of Attraction NFT. The utility is offered to the first NFT holder only. The NFT holder has 1 year to redeem. The 12 Universal Laws is a series of NFTs that highlights the laws of the universe. This collection honors these laws and aims to preserve, maintain, and manifest a positive life with their application. The more you come to accept, apply, and align your life with these universal laws, the more you will experience transformation beyond what you have imagined. With a desire to bring more cosmic light into this universe, this body of digital paintings is a future reflection of a post-pandemic world.

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