Quiet Empowerment: Gold Edition


Owned by @thecatronaut

About the piece

Special Edition of Quiet Empowerment in optimistic golden hues. Embrace your introspective world to gain clarity, strength and a vision within. From MAMIMU’s first NFT collection “When a Visionary Dreams” created for the Voice NFT Residency. Unlockable content: Phone wallpaper & Profile pictures in the “When a Visionary Dreams” theme. --- “When a Visionary Dreams” is the first NFT collection from MAMIMU, a London-based Japanese artist on a mission to spread optimism. Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s quote, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”, the tender and hypnotic collection aims to create a space — neither for apes nor cats — but for calmness, clarity and quiet empowerment within.

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  • Category: Animation

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