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The 9th piece of the project. -seek , it’s what we do everyday seeking to make everything better, seeking for approval, seeking excellence , it’s what we do everyday. “I am” I dare to be me, only me I am not what you told me I am not what they told you I am me, I am bold and also shallow I am me, I am confident but scared also I am strong but I am weak I am not perfect but I thrive to be perfect I am me I AM ME Not The ME You Think I AM. Not The ME You Want Me To BE… Just ME. The One I Want To BE I am me I want be me not anyone else only me I am proud to be me I am enough, I have been enough and I will always be enough I love me, I will always will I am. I am is a project asking who am I? its about finding one self and understanding ourselves most importantly loving ourselves. Most of us are always questioning ourselves and doubting, that’s okay as long as we don’t forget how big our love is for ourselves.

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