About the piece

"Recalibrate" is originally an acrylic painting that has been animated to enhance the depth of the painting. The recalibration of the black female-bodied mind is a very delicate and tedious process of learning and unlearning. Wherever we dwell there is a need to recalibrate our psyche into something else, dominant systems never truly allowing us to just be. The hands represent dominant systems chained to our bodies. The movement in the background represents the atmosphere of domination of which we dwell. This painting focuses on our subconscious and importance of the program it runs. We spend most of our time passively, in the unconscious mind, and we have been conditioned to never truly accept ourselves. In this collection, this piece represents the changes the protagonist, represented by me, faces in being a black person in a new society in which it holds different meanings. Being Nigerian and queer and how tasking juggling those identities can be.

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