About the piece

Edenia is from my ‘feel the wind on your face’ collection and she can also be called a love letter to myself. Edenia is representative of my battle with self love. As plus sized woman all my life I’ve been told that I am not worthy of so many things and it’s always been hard to see my body as mine and not a suit that I have to change if I ever want to be treated with any dignity or care. It’s been so many years of trying and failing and not a minute to just breathe, ‘feel the wind on my face’ and appreciate myself or even see any good in myself because at the back of mind (at times even people would say to my face) nothing I’ve achieved is good enough till I looked a certain way. Edenia just represents me getting to know myself without the constraints of what I’ve been told I have to be, just enjoying myself and feeling the wind on my face. The gold ball in her hand represents how highly I intend to see myself and how firmly a grasp I have on so many amazing aspects of myself.

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