Uncommon Animals of the Alphabet - Oo

About the piece

O is for Okapi (Purple Version 1/1) 7 colour variations in total will be produced Am I a Giraffe or a Zebra? It’s not plain to see, It depends on the way that you look at me. With striped hindquarters for my babies to tell which Okapi is mummy, and they know it so well. I actually belong to the Giraffe family, with a much shorter neck, and very long tongue that can clean out my eyes and my ears for some fun. I am Okapi but you won’t see me. Unicorn of the forest, I was once thought to be. I’ll be minting these test pages for my up and coming Children’s book - Uncommon Animals of the Alphabet - A book where I’ll showcase amazing and uncommon animals that rarely feature in the Alphabet or kids books. All the proceeds from the NFT sales will help fund the publication of this book.

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