Full Circle at the King's Table: The doing


About the piece

In a world of chaos and hunger lives a “leader”, Upon this beaming royalty of the earth, the people scream scum… Shall we announce this satire? Behold the “big” man, behold this rich man. Myopic by his choosing. No eyes, closed eyes; he stares His right leg raised high, He poses… Highlighting the cross at his feet, this table set for us eat. As this feast for all becomes a feast for one. By the fool’s crown will he will foolishly dictate, Forgetting his reflection at stake. Slaughter at his feet, He poses, Beckoning you and me “Come see this session for free”. All this and more left to your discretion, Shhhhhh, don’t tell, that’s a flag he lies on... All hail the coral man! Royalty with a backdrop of disgust, There is no plan to this universe, just chaos.

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