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Owner: @elhelou

About the piece

‘Omnis’ is the eighth out of eight audiovisual creations from the collection ‘Diasporic Daymares’. Developed for the 2nd season of the Voice NFT Residency. Original soundtrack by Zouhair El Helou. In collaboration with family; my parents, my siblings and my wife, who contributed with honest and deeply personal reflections. I brought together my family as a group of collaborators to produce an empowering collection that is presented as a foundational project; we are leveraging art and technology to support our community and build solid grounds for our collective well-being and to start several artistic journeys. Every individual will equally receive ⅙ of the proceeds that are being donated as a fundraising for education, health and wellness. The unlockable content allows the owners of this NFT to access the utilities that include royalty-free music, voting rights for the themes of phase 2, whitelisting and more.

  • Creator share 10%
  • File type video/quicktime
  • File size 226.42 MB
  • Category Mixed media
  • Owner @elhelou
  • Blockchain Ethereum