J2B 5% Royalty Token 5/5 "Psychedelic Evil Eye"

About the piece

The holder of this token will receive 5% of all of my NFT sales not specified for charity on voice no matter how big or small. These sales include primary, secondary and collected sales. If the holder of this token decides to gift, airdrop, or sell it, the rights to this token are then transferred to the new owner. The proceeds that are earned come from my voice accounts @jams2blues and @jams2bluesawards. In order to claim your rewards, simply send the email address in the Unlockable Content your $USDC wallet address, if you do not comply with this, you will not earn rewards. In the name of all that is good in this world, may anyone who gazes upon this evil eye be blessed with prosperity and good fortune, and protected from all that is evil. The longer you gaze, the more it stares into your soul.

  • Creator share 10%
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  • Category Digital illustration