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Historically women have always been ahead of the pack, but centuries of history and the present day have taught us that men will continuously try to control the narrative of women and their bodies. Medusa was a beautiful woman in her time and was turned into the woman with the “hair full of snakes” whose glance turned men to stone. Originally a high priestess for Athena, her beauty was so revered that it was compared to the likes of Athena & Aphrodite, who couldn’t stand that a mortal challenged their beauty and thusly gave her the punishment of her hair/locs becoming snakes and her gaze turn all who see her stone. I challenge the idea that this woman's methodology was from an Afrocentric one and not a Eurocentric one, or that Medusa was a black woman. With this piece, my goal is to donate a part of the proceeds to a black woman's reproductive rights and social justice organization, In our own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda.

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