Canvasing the Corona Virus

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About the piece

This image embraces my period during the Corona virus. I chose the Yin Yan motif and concept of the interconnection of opposites to present a darkened atmosphere using the Corona Virus as the Moon and the sunlit earth with the captured asian pangolin in the circular image. The use of the circle was to invoke the passing of time, the earth's rotation, the idea of going around in circles and the karmic idiomatic expression, " what comes around goes around ". The connection of Corona Virus and the asian pangolin is one that links this little animal to the virus. The pangolin for decades has been poached for it's scales and as a culinary delicacy to almost the brink of extinction. It's only defense is to curl up into a ball, which echos the shape of the canvas. During the pandemic, I had to work inside and in the fall of 2020, I attempted to resume painting outdoors when onlookers took this photo. Many were please to see something creative at a time of crisis and confusion.

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