Marsha P Johnson- Fierce and Free

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About the piece

Marsha P Johnson was an activist for LGBTQ issues and a self-identified drag queen. Having lived of life of opression and violence, she "had enough" when the police came to raid the Stonewall Inn on June 28th, 1969. She and many others led a week of riots and marches demanding civil rights for LGBTQ people (known as Gay Rights at the time). Marsha threw a shot glass at a mirror of the Stonewall Inn screaming, 'I got my civil rights'". It was known as "the shot glass that was heard around the world". Ms. Johnson went on to be a leading activist for AIDS/HIV awareness and founded the Star House a shelter for homeless gay and trans youth. Sadly, she died under mysterious circumstances in 1992, but her legacy is such that a bronze memorial was installed near the Stonewall in amoung many other accolades.

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