Woman 9 in a Storm

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About the piece

I am continuing a series of female icons through digital animation in a project called 100 Women, started in 2016 as a form of resistance to misogyny and bigotry. This is my celebration of heroes. Through suggested animated shifts in light and atmosphere and collage-based moving ornamentation, I establish an aura of magical realism. The portraits are divided into 3 categories, the art historical, the historical, and the personal. The art historical depict mythological and unreal women that reference Primitive Flemish, Italian Renaissance, and Spanish Baroque paintings. The historical portraits depict real cultural heroes like Toni Morrison. The personal portraits depict strong women in my immediate life, like my husband's mother. I decorate the subjects in imagined crowns and fabrics using color from biology and botany as a form of expressing the holiness, nature and regality of each subject.

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