20 Visions of Peace, Love, and Unity


About the piece

We live in a universe where our minds create the world around us. Alone, we are strong, but together, we are invincible. Coming together from all walks of life and from all over the world, 20 artists combined their unique styles to depict their vision of peace, love, and unity. This world needs more of these traits. The world needs more peace so our children grow up with less trauma from tragedy and war. We all need to stop judging each other and put our differences aside in order to create a better world for those to come. The most powerful virtue we can have is love. Every human is capable of giving love, even in the hardest of times. Love can forgive and heal anything. Unity is the synchronization and cooperation of multiple minds and hearts working towards a common goal. Without unity, we have no peace and love. We need to be patient with each other. We are all beautiful walking flaws, deserving of understanding and forgiveness. Fun and Joy are meaningless without these elements.

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