Detailshot of a Sculpture NFT 1

Detailshot of a Sculpture NFT 1

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About the piece

About the piece This is a 1/1 NFT of a detailshot of a sculpture in real life. The sculpture itself is an idiosyncratic abstract form made with hot-glue, styrofoam, spraypaint, and a couple of artistic parameters determining the underlying procedures (such as digital filters for the detailshot). 
The fact that each layer of processes is contingent on the ones before is key to understanding the loop-like structure of the whole system of forms. The rigidity of this system is not purely dogmatic as there can be a fluid back and forth between parameters, color schemes, directions, and timings of finishing. Variability by means of repetition is another key in understanding the fact that each series of works shall not look like a series but as singular, individual pieces of work. The pixel size is 4032 x 3024

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