Equity The Gender Bender Game Changer-The Croquet Game

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About the piece

My NFT entitled Equity, The Gender Bender Game Changer-The Croquet Game, embraces the important historic change that this game gave to women. At the turn of the century croquet permitted women to play side by side with men, which was not possible prior to this time. My NFT has an old photo of a woman in long dress and croquet white attire and hat . In the opposite left corner is a contemporary female, free to play croquet in colored shorts without any restrictions. My central circular oil painting was created "en Plein Air" in Central Park, NY near west 70th street, to capture the beauty and cityscape while the game of croquet was being played as I painted. The canvas shape was chosen to embody the idea of Yin and Yang, the shape of a croquet ball, the global clock and to bring to mind a time for change particularly for women and female artists who are few in using croquet as a subject in art. Male artists embracing croquet include Homer, Tissot, Manet and Chase.

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