Justice_ThePandemic And ThePangolin_Yin Yang Circle of Life And Death.

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About the piece

The NFT is in accordance to with the 2022 theme of Justice for the NYAA Residency . This three part image separates the night from day, the light from dark, sickness from health and fuses this contradictory Yin and Yang opposite principles into one circular (globe/global and clock) format. This image has been exhibited at the Alexandria Museum of Art and the Museum of Friends. The Corona Covid virus in the air and the asian pangolin on the ground is one that links this little animal to the virus. The pangolin for decades has been poached for it's scales and as a culinary delicacy to almost the brink of extinction. The origin of the virus has been associated with the pangolin. It is in respect for the laws of nature that the earth can sustain itself and all the creatures that inhabit the earth. The image of separation and unification is meant to invoke the idea that we are all one.

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